• Criminal defense before Economical and Financial crimes. 

  • Extradition proceedings.  

  • Money laundering prevention. 

  • Fiscal crimes and Criminal Organizations. 

  • Compliance to Criminal Law. 

  • Fundamental and Constitutional human rights. 

  • Rights to honor, privacy and one's own image. 

  • Legal assistance during investigation enquiries and actions. 

  • Appeals before higher judicial authorities. 


  • Legal assistance within Civil and Corporate judicial proceedings.

  • International Commercial Arbitration. 

  • Execution of national and international Court's Resolutions. 

  • International debt's execution.  

  • Tort Law and civil responsibility. 

  • Bankruptcy Law. 

  • Negotiation of prejudicial agreements. 

  • Industrial and Intellectual property. 

  • Family Law. 

  • Hereditary Law. 


  • Legal assistance within Administrative judicial proceedings.

  • Legal "Due Diligence" ​

  • Urbanism

  • Patrimonial liability of the Public Administration. 

  • Real Estate Law. 

  • Antitrust Law. 

  • Interaction with Regulating Public Authorities. 

  • Public procurement. 


Our experts in Criminal, Civil and Administrative Law cover the national and international expectations of our Clients.


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